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The Innovative Clinic (1991)

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To understand the Innovative Clinic Model and my place in medtech, study the American moon program to find my time-tested paradigm of research with over 100 people, now in its 38th year: Unrelenting incremental advances, starting always with needs that only a neurosurgeon can identify to improve surgical results.

The neurosurgeon’s place is a lonely one as the mind operates on mind. Surgical technology is fundamentally a scientific quest. I wrote in 1996, “The process of innovation can be summarized as follows (Fig 2. above): Surgical and other clinical management is the source of the needs for technological solutions. The clinically defined problem is specified for interdisciplinary research.

The resulting technology is transferred to industry, which in turn relies on scientific assessment of the product. The clinic benefits by being able to provide better service. Thus, the "by-products" of the innovative process are scientific publications, exported goods and improved clinical service. It is the level of sophistication of clinical services that defines tertiary care”


John Koivukangas: The Oulu Neuronavigation Project -- and Beyond. TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER BETWEEN RESEARCH INSTITUTES AND INDUSTRY, June 7 - 8, 1996, Oulu and Rovaniemi, Finland, edited by Eero Kouvalainen, Timo Jämsä and Kalevi Kiviniitty, published by the Biomedical Engineering Program, University of Oulu, 1996. ISBN 951-42-4409-5.

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