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Summary of academic work 1980 -2014

My research teams -

I am indebted to over 100 coworkers, and the best way to thank them all is through recognition of the doctoral works whose prefaces and hundreds of publications list them. Ultrasound imaging during surgery allowed us to move quickly and safely in the neuronavigator and intraoperative MRI projects by allowing us to check the accuracy and images generated using these emerging technologies.

Also, surgical outcome measures of mortality and morbidity were no longer adequate, as quality of life instruments were introduced in the 1980’s to help choose best methods and avoid prioritizing, who should be treated and who not.

I will refer to the doctoral work of my coworkers, alphabetically, many of them seminal and available by searches under the University of Oulu:

Ultrasound: Esko Alasaarela, Kalervo Tervola, Osmo Tervonen, Juha Ylitalo, Qin Zhengdi, and myself

Neuronavigation: Jyrki Alakuijala, Tapani Koivukangas, Yrjö Louhisalmi, Jarkko Oikarinen, Hagen Schiffbauer, Xiaoyou Ying

Intraoperative MRI: Jani Katisko, Sanna Yrjänä, and papers by Juho Tuominen

Treatment outcomes research: Tuomo Erola, Pirjo Koivukangas (my equal, pictured), Arja Mainio, Arto Ohinmaa, and papers by Asko Niemelä and Antti Raappana.

Cherish your coworkers and enjoy the ride!

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