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Birkmann Clinic was established in 2017 based on over 30 years of work as an academic specialist in Finland and the United States. Together with international peers, our research groups changed the practice of neurosurgery, from the classical to the minimally invasive era. Throughout my career in the public health sector, I also offered my services as a private practitioner at various clinics. Now, at Birkmann Clinic I continue this overall tradition.

The Clinic takes its name from my earliest known forebear. Johan Eriksson Birkman was a soldier in the service of the king when Finland was under Swedish rule. He was born in 1730 in Pirkkala Village in lake region Finland. His wife was Beatta Johansdottir and they had two children. My forebears have been soldiers, artisans, merchants and artists, that is down-to-earth creative people.

Birkmann Clinic is a non-profit-sharing limited liability company dedicated to bringing the newest knowledge and experience as well as cutting edge methods and technologies to patient care. Here I follow the footsteps of the Mayo Clinic founders.


I am grateful to numerous colleagues and researchers since 1980 for the opportunity of being at the cutting edge of research, as my generation moved the field of operative neurosurgery from the classic to the modern era of minimally invasive and image-guided practice.

The timeline is our track record: best possible care goes hand in hand with continual, incremental improvements in diagnostic and treatment methods. Science and technology serve the needs of clinical practice, which in turn is the source of all real ideas, not the other way around.

We are implementing several new advances at Birkmann Clinic, including the first patient smart card for pertinent health information and a new tracking system for navigation. Our proven track record is our best evidence that we will succeed.

Please see Quo Erat Demonstrandum for a more detailed history of our technological work.

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